Save Money with Preventive Maintenance!

Do your HVAC and kitchen equipment constantly fall into disrepair? Are you tired of spending thousands every month to buy new equipment? Do you want to extend the lifetime of your equipment while saving money? It’s time to consider a preventive maintenance plan.

With a preventive maintenance plan, our technicians will come at scheduled times to check on and repair equipment before it breaks down. We customize our maintenance plans for you, based on your equipment and needs. Instead of waiting until your equipment stops working, stay on top of it with preventive maintenance. The benefits go on and on, but here are some of our favorites:

  1. A planned, predictive approach recognizes problems early and avoids sudden breakdowns and emergencies
  2. Proper maintenance and documentation extends the lifespan of equipment
  3. Efficient equipment saves money on electricity
  4. Future repair costs are lower and less frequent
  5. Scheduled servicing avoids long wait times for repairs
  6. Replacing parts before a complete breakdown allows for constant use and saves ordering and shipping time

Call Express Refrigeration in Sacramento, CA today to customize a preventive maintenance plan and stop any emergencies before they can start! Learn more about our Preventative Maintenance Program here!