5 Causes of AC Deterioration

If you notice your AC producing warm air or taking significantly longer to cool a room, it’s clear that the unit is having issues. It may seem too minor to fix, but if not addressed, the underlying issues may lead to a full breakdown. An AC that’s not cooling properly will have to work harder to get to the right temperature, costing money and energy. The continuous strain on the system can lead to a breakdown of one or more parts. Below are 5 common causes of AC decline to look out for.

  • Refrigerant leak– If there is a leak in the coils or the system was undercharged, the low levels of refrigerant will cause strain on the system. The unit will have to work harder to cool the air with the small amount of refrigerant. Low refrigerant could also result in ice forming on the coils.
  • Duct leak– A hole or damage to the ducts that transport the hot and cool air will result in the room not cooling properly. Either the hot air will not properly be filtered out or the cool air will not reach its destination. 
  • Overheating parts– If one of the parts starts overheating, which can happen when strained, the heat generated will lower the overall temperature and make it tougher to cool. These parts usually need to be replaced.
  • Clogged vents– When vents become clogged by dust and particles, the heated air can get stuck and breakdowns are inevitable. Vents should be cleaned before summer hits to prevent last-minute emergencies.
  • Uninsulated ducts If breaks in insulation are exposed to heat, the cool air can be warmed. Make sure ducts are completely insulated and there are no exposed portions.

If you are experiencing one of these issues, call Express Refrigeration in Sacramento, CA today! Consider signing up for a preventative maintenance program to prevent breakdowns before they begin.