3 Tips to Maximize Your HVAC Efficiency!

Getting a good deal on your HVAC system is just the start. If you want to increase energy efficiency and lower your energy bills, try out these simple tips.

Check For Leaks in Ductwork

Central ACs and furnaces use ductwork to transport air to your rooms. Over time, ducts go through normal wear and tear that can lead to holes in the ductworks. You can lose up to 30% of air through duct leaks! This means that your system will have to work harder to circulate air, lowering energy efficiency and driving up energy bills. Tears in ductwork can also introduce dirt and dust that contaminate the air. Every few years, have a technician check your ductwork for leaks to ensure that your AC is running as efficiently as possible.

Change Your Air Filter

All air filters should be changed around every 3 months. Dust and debris buildup on the filter means that the system has to work harder to push air through. Failing to change air filters in a timely manner means that circulated air can become contaminated and efficiency decreases. As a result, the increased energy required to push air through makes energy bills more expensive. Changing air filters is an easy way to drive down prices and increase efficiency. When technicians perform regular maintenance, they change the air filters for you. If you’re interested in scheduling preventive maintenances, call today!

Don’t Close Vents

Many people assume that closing vents in unused rooms increases efficiency because the air is redirected to other rooms. This is a myth. Ventilation systems are designed to maximize efficiency based on the size and number of rooms in your building. Closing vents will throw off the balance and build up pressure in ducts, which can cause tears in ductwork and damage to the evaporator coil. The best way to keep your ventilation system efficient is to leave all vents open and let them run as designed.

During preventive maintenance, technicians make sure that AC systems are running as efficiently as possible so that you don’t have to worry about it. If you’d like to set up a preventive maintenance program, call Express Refrigeration in Sacramento, CA today!