Preparing Your AC for the Summer!

This summer has been hotter than ever! The last thing you want is to be stuck in a boiling hot home or office because your AC wasn’t prepared to take on the heat. Now is the time to do maintenance and repairs so that your AC is ready for the rest of the summer. 

1. Schedule a tune up

During a tune up, a technician will examine the unit and diagnose any issues that need repairs. Once you are aware of any issues, you will receive a quote for repairs and can schedule maintenance with time to spare. During the summer, HVAC technicians get busy and repairs can be difficult to schedule. By completing any repairs before the heat hits, you can get it done efficiently and on your schedule. 

2. Change the Air Filters

Air filters should be changed around every 3 months. The filters get clogged with dirt and debris and can reduce airflow if they aren’t changed often enough. Reduced airflow will reduce the efficacy of your AC and can lead to higher heating and air bills.

3. Clean Condenser and Coils

The condenser unit, which is usually placed outside, can accumulate dirt, leaves, and debris, especially if left uncovered during the winter. Before use, the condenser’s fan should be cleared of debris and the coils should be cleaned with a soft brush or cloth. A gentle vacuum or low pressure canned air can help to clear out smaller particles in the coil. 

If you don’t have the time to complete these tasks or would rather have an expert help you out, call Express Refrigeration to set up a preventative maintenance contract! When our technicians perform preventative maintenance, they clean the equipment, change air filters, and inspect and diagnose the equipment for repairs. Call Express Refrigeration in Sacramento today if you’re interested in setting up a preventative maintenance contract, scheduling a tune up, or need a repair!