Project Description

Planned Maintenance Service

Scheduled Service and Maintenance for HVAC and Refrigeration Equipment to prevent breakdowns and minimize emergencies.

Service Details

Sacramento Refrigeration provides a Planned Maintenance Service program to our customers. Under the maintenance program, maintenance is provided to your refrigeration and HVAC equipment by our certified technicians according to the manufacture’s recommended schedule.

We provide a complete and thorough inspection of all of the critical systems, change all of the filters, lubricate any bearings, check and replace worn belts and check for leaks.

Our Planned Maintenance Service program has been proven by our clients to save them time and money by preventing breakdowns of their critical refrigeration and HVAC equipment.

Features and Benefits of a Planned Maintenance Service Program

  1. Refrigeration equipment will operate more efficiently and fewer hours per day. This translates into reduced electrical consumption saving you money.

  2. Extends the operation life of your equipment – delaying the substantial cost of equipment replacement.

  3. Reduces emergency service repair cost by resolving many potential problems prior to failure.

  4. Lowers equipment failure rate. Frequent equipment failure can result in product losses.

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