Project Description

HVAC/R Installation and Replacement

Buying an AC unit is not as simple as picking the cheapest option. Your AC unit has to be sized based on the square footage of your house or building. Sometimes an initially expensive option can end up saving you money in the long run. If you’re expanding your home or renovating previously unventilated rooms, you will likely need a newly sized AC unit. If you’re unsure what size AC is best for your home or building, talk to Express Refrigeration today. You can send us information about the square footage or we can send a tech out to survey the building and provide a recommendation and estimate.

Not sure whether it’s time to replace your AC unit? To determine whether you may need a new unit, read our blog post, “When Should I Replace My AC Unit? 5 Signs You Need a Replacement.” If you have questions, need a consultation, or are looking for an estimate, call Express Refrigeration. Our customer service reps and technicians are always available to help homeowners and business owners in need. 

More than just AC units, Express Refrigeration installs and replaces all forms of HVAC/R equipment. Our 15 years of experience have seen hundreds of compressor change-outs, TXV replacements, and thermostat upgrades. If you have it, we install it!