New Congress Funding for HVAC Upgrades in School!

According to the Government Accountability Office, half of all school buildings in 40% of school districts need to replace their HVAC systems and 25% of schools need additional infrastructure improvements. Outdated building systems have led to mold and poor indoor air quality. These defective systems pose a threat to the nation’s most vulnerable population: children. 

The good news is that Congress recently passed the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Funds bill which allocates $82 billion of federal funding to schools to address COVID-19. This money can be used for various purposes including PPE, HVAC upgrades and repairs, support for remote learning, sanitization materials, etc. Because coronavirus is airborne, it can be spread through heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, according to the World Health Organization. Schools can use these new funds to inspect, test, replace, repair, and upgrade their HVAC systems to improve air quality and mitigate the spread of coronavirus. 


California has been allocated $6.038 billion for Local Education Agencies (LEA) to distribute to schools. School districts or LEAs can apply for funding from the state education agency. The amount given to the LEA is determined by the Title I formula, which is based on the number of children aged 5-17 in a school district living below poverty level. Private schools can request funding from the LEA for the number of students from that jurisdiction because the Department of Education requires LEAs to give equitable services to public and private schools. 

As schools are opening back up, they must do everything in their power to mitigate the spread of coronavirus. Now is the time to take advantage of the funding opportunity and upgrade HVAC systems as a tool against COVID-19. Express Refrigeration is experienced in working with schools and is here to help school districts combat COVID-19. Check out our article 5 HVAC Upgrades for Safer Schools to read about recommended HVAC upgrades. If you are interested in having your school or district conduct HVAC upgrades to prevent coronavirus, call Express Refrigeration in Sacramento today!