5 Common HVAC Myths Busted!

MYTH: Bigger air conditioners are always better.

FACT: This is false! An oversized AC may cool a room well but it will frequently cycle on and off, creating high humidity levels. It will also affect the efficiency of the unit and cost more both upfront and over time.

Undersized units can also become expensive as they run for too long and use more energy. HVAC units should be customized based on the square footage of the building. Do not try to get a far larger unit for faster cooling or a smaller unit to save money, because in the long run, it will have the opposite effect.

MYTH: Turning the temperature lower than your desired temperature will cool the room faster.

FACT: AC units cannot vary their speeds. They simply cool the room to the desired temperature. Making the temperature lower will only change when the AC stops cooling, not make it cool faster.

MYTH: I only need to change my filters once a year.

FACT: Filters should be changed at least every three months. Dirty and clogged air filters can cause AC breakdowns, reduce the airflow and system efficiency, drive up the energy bill, and become ineffective at filtering particles and dust. If you’re worried about remembering to change it every 3 months, set up a preventative maintenance program with Express Refrigeration! Our technicians change filters during PMs while performing many other important maintenance services.

MYTH: Closing vents in unused rooms increases energy efficiency.

FACT: Modern ventilation systems are designed to maximize efficiency based on your building’s square footage. Closing vents will interfere with the airflow and can lead to duct leaks. Your HVAC system will output the same amount of conditioned air whether or not your vents are closed and you will likely end up developing leaks from the pressure and altered airflow.

MYTH: Ceiling fans are enough to lower the temperature in a room.

FACT: Ceiling fans do not actually affect the temperature of a room. Rather, by moving the air around, they produce a cool sensation on your skin. Leaving a fan on in a room you’re not in is a waste of energy because it will not cool the room or change the air temperature. 

However, fans are a great alternative to AC if you’re in the room. They are cheap to run and can produce a similar cooling effect without using a lot of energy to lower the air temperature.

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